Push it to the limit!

Your favorite technical conference is back and it packs a punch. Ready to take your networking expertise to Extreme levels?

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Why join?

Actions speak louder than words. Get ready for some presentations and cool demos!

Experience Extreme’s new Vision and Roadmap firsthand and explore the concept of Infinite Enterprise and how it shapes the new era of networking!

Meet the Iron Man!

Do you have what it takes to be Extreme? Our special guest certainly does!

Meet and train for one day with Robert Karaś, the fastest quintuple-ultra-triathlete on Earth and one of the biggest sensations in the world of athletics right now!

What’s on the menu?

See what’s coming to the world of Extreme. Join us and see how to:

1. deploy & manage cloud networks at scale, more easily 2. orchestrate cloud and on-site deployments with ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine 3. leverage the capabilities of Extreme’s next-generation wireless technologies 4. operate in an infinitely distributed environment with Extreme Fabric Connect 5. Enable the secure access service edge paradigm in your network

Rise to the Challenge!

Stay focused and active to have a shot at some truly awesome prizes!

The winners of EXTREME CHALLENGE will receive access to a special training app co-created with Robert Karaś and his coaching team that’ll help you reach new personal goals!